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A rough translation of the specification table from an original Sprinter Trueno sales brochure is below. This list was from the late 90s so it describes the facelift models. Items have been altered as required to make phrases and sentences more meaningful but the translation is still very close to its original Japanese phrasing.

Equipment all models standard

  • Hot-wire rear window defogger
  • Side door beam
  • Anti-glare rear view mirror
  • Lighting with cigarette lighter
  • Rear window antenna
  • Large glove box
  • Console box
  • Foot rest
  • Opener trunk and fuel lid
  • Coin pocket
  • Door molding full trim fabric
  • Trim piece 17 pocket (driver's seat and passenger seat)
  • Warning (half-door, key forgetting to pull out prevention buzzer, fuel remaining, amount drivers seat ?? seat belt non-wearing rather than flashing type) *
  • Tools (jack, jack handle, hub nut wrench), etc


Standard equipment __________
Optional equipment __________
Dealer option __________
Tyres / Wheels
175/70R13 82S (13X5 Steel) Resin full cap
175/65R14 82S (14X5.5 Steel) Resin full cap
175/65R14 82S (14X5.5 Aluminium)
185/60R14 82H (14X5.5 Steel) Resin full cap
195/60R14 82H (14X5.5 Aluminium)
195/55R15 84V (15X6 Steel)
195/55R15 84V (15X6 Aluminium)
Space saver spare wheel #1
Super strut suspension
Stabilizer bar Front & rear Front & rear Front & rear Front & rear Rear
Disc brakes - Front ventilated Twin pot caliper Twin pot caliper
Disc brakes - Rear
"Performance rod"
Helical LSD M/T M/T
Steering wheel Leather 3-spoke Leather 3-spoke Leather 3-spoke Urethane 4-spoke Urethane 4-spoke
Dual SRS airbags (Driver / Passenger)
Power steering Linear Linear
Tilt steering column adjust
Shift lever knob - Soft PVC A/T A/T A/T
Shift lever knob - Leather M/T M/T M/T
Large rear spoiler with LED stop lamp #2
Rear spoiler with LED stop lamp #2
Indoor stop lamp #2
Coloured side mudguard
Tilt & slide electric moon roof
2-way exhaust control system
Intermittent wipers - Front Intermittent & time adjustable Intermittent Intermittent & time adjustable Intermittent Intermittent
Intermittent wipers - Rear #3 #3 #3
Multi-reflector 4 light headlamp
Multi-reflector front fog lights
Electric coloured door mirror Retractable Retractable
“Windshield glass (heat-absorbing suit green)”
UV cut glass door (driver and front passenger)
Privacy glass (quarter window, rear window)
Instrument & Controls
Dark grey metallic panel
Tire pressure warning system
Headlamp reminder buzzer
Power window (Driver's seat one-touch) and electric door lock
Wireless door lock remote control #4 Infrared Infrared Infrared Infrared #5
Sun visor Driver's seat ticket holder and the front passenger's seat with mirror Driver's seat ticket with a holder Driver's seat ticket holder and the front passenger's seat with mirror With seat mirror ?? drivers seat With seat mirror ?? drivers seat
Front map lamp
Trunk room lamp
Front cup holder
Quarter trim pocket (rear left and right)
Ignition key illumination #5 #5
Full fabric sports seats
Recaro seats
Full fabric sporty seats
Three point seat belts with front seat ELR (with pre-tensioner and force limiter mechanism)
With the rear seat ELR 3-point seat belts (with child seat fixing mechanism)
Seat up and down adjustment (driver's seat two way) #6 #6 #6
Passenger seat walk in mechanism #6 #6 #6
Retractable rear seat (left only)
Audio #7
Levin Super Live Sound System #3 #8
Speakers (radio-less) 6 speakers 2 speakers (front) 4 speakers 4 speakers 2 speakers (front)
FM diversity antenna #8
Air Conditioning
Heater control panel Push Push Push Push Lever type
Manual air conditioning
Auto air conditioner #4
Air purifier - Auto #9
Air purifier - Manual #9
Snow specification #10


  1. Vehicle-mounted tires can be selected as a manufacturer option.
  2. Neither large rear spoiler with LED slit beam stop lamp nor rear spoiler valve type high mount stop lamp with LED slit beam stop lamp (indoor) can be installed at the same time.
  3. CD- cassette intergrated fm / am multi with electric tuner radio and 7 speakers.
  4. Wireless door lock remote control and auto air conditioner come as a set.
  5. Specifications are different from those of standard equipment and manufacturer options.
  6. There is no setting when Recaro seat is selected.
  7. There are various types of audio, so please ask your dealer for detailed settings.
  8. Maker option with Trueno Super Live Sound System and FM diversity antenna as a set.
  9. Cannot be installed at the same time as the valve-type high mount stop ramp (inside the room) and the Trueno Super Live Sound System.
  10. For the snow version (snow country specification) considering the use in snowy areas (excluding Hokkaido), mainly the charging system and wiper. In the Hokkaido area, all models will be equipped with the Tohoku region specifications, including the snow version (snow country specifications).