AE112 Sportivo Registry

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Below is a list of known AE112 Sportivos given this is a community maintained list there are no guarantees of accuracy.

Car Number Location Notes
1 Example Example
2 Example Example
3 Perth Wrecked
4 Queensland NA and automatic
16 Queensland
18 - Written off, 2014
30 Queensland
34 South Australia
38 Queensland
40 South Australia
44 New South Whales
50 Queensland
57 New South Whales
65 Queensland
67 South Australia
69 Queensland
70 South Australia
71 New South Whales
72 New South Whales Modified
74 Queensland
77 Queensland
79 Queensland
81 Victoria
83 New South Whales
95 Victoria
97 Victoria
98 Western Australia Under restoration
100 New South Whales
??? United Arab Emirates Front cut export

The AE112 Sportivo is a rare number you can help the community keep track of how many are left, what condition they are in and the approximate location of the car. Do you own a Sportivo or know the whereabouts of one? Help the community by contributing your knowledge.