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Outline of part numbers for both OEM, after market, and compatible/interchangeable parts (those known to fit but not officially for an EP91 Starlet). The Australian delivered EP91R is the primary target of this list, however many of these part numbers will cross over to EP91s in other parts of the world.

Original Parts

Description Image OEM Part Numbers Aftermarket Part Numbers Notes
Spark plug 90919-01176 NGK: BKR5EYA
Battery terminal cover 82821-10020
82821-12290 (after 12/1997)
Oil filter
Ryco: Z386
Valvoline: V07
Strut FR: 48510-19525 / 48510-19885 (after 12/1997)
FL: 48520-19245 / 48520-19565 (after 12/1997)
RR: 48530-19775
RL: 48530-19775
F: S4358+
R: S1178+
F: 8641-1353SPORT
FR: 333209
FL: 33210
R: 341191
Battery tray
EP91 Battery Tray.jpg
Right side engine mount
EP91 Right Side Engine Mount.jpg
A5768: 70mm inner tube length.

A7035: (60mm inner tube length.

Front badge
EP91 Front Badge.jpg
Top radiator mount
EP91 Top Radiator Mount.jpg
Headlight protector
EP91 Headlight Protector.jpg
Genuine accessory.
Front control arm bush (lower inner front) SuperPro:


SPF1905K: Must measure 31mm OD bush.

SPF1888K: Must measure 34mm OD bush.

Front control arm bush (lower inner rear) SuperPro:



SPF1906K: To suit 50mm short mounting bracket. OEM 48652-10020. Do not remove original tube from arm.

SPF2635K: To suite 35mm long mounting bracket. OEM 48652-46010. Do not remove original tube from arm.

Hatch strut Monroe: ML4442
Brake rotors RDA:
R: RDA696
R: DBA696
Fuel filter Ryco: Z478
Head gasket 11115-11071
4E-FE, 4E-FTE, & 5E-FE
Instrument cluster
With tachometer:
Without tachometer:
Wiring modifications may be required see instrument cluster.

Aftermarket Parts

Description Image Part Numbers Notes
Front camber kit Monroe: MC115
Whiteline: KCA415

SuperPro: SPF4351-15K

SuperPro: +/- 1.5° camber
Rear sway bar Whiteline:
BTR33Z (20mm adjustable)
Front sway bar Whiteline:
BTF41 (22mm)
BTF41X (24mm)
Front strut brace Whiteline:
KSB573 (aluminium, adjustable)
Rear panhard rod Whiteline:
KPR020 (adjustable)
Rear strut brace Whiteline:
KSB534 (aluminium, adjustable)
Front anti lift kit Whiteline:
Caster +0.5°
Rear strut brace Whiteline:
KSB534 (aluminium, adjustable)
Short shifter TRD: 33530-EP800
TRD shift knob 33504-SP003 Leather
TRD ignition leads 19051-EP801 4E-FTE
TRD radiator cap 16401-SP002 Type S
TRD oil filler cap 12180-SP000 Aluminium
TRD sports Thermostat 16340-SP000 Maintains valve temperature of 71°C
TRD sports Oil Filter 90915-SP000
TRD sports seats 71100-SP020 (Black / grey)
71100-SP050 (Red / grey)
TRD seat mounting brackets FR: 72101-EP900
FL: 72102-EP900
Vogtland sport lowering springs 959065 35mm drop
Subaru GC8 front seats See front seats.

Compatible Parts

Description Image Part Numbers Notes
Glanza bonnet 53301-10350
Alternator 1990-1992 Celica (2.2L)
Front seats EL54 Paseo

3 of 4 bolt holes fit, bracket required for fourth hole.

Instrument cluster
Paseo Instrument Cluster (EL54).jpg
EL54 Paseo

Wiring modifications required see instrument cluster.

Front brakes calipers Paseo or GT Starlet calipers.
Front brake rotors Paseo or GT Starlet rotors (About 252mm over 230mm in the EP91.

Requires calipers.