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AE112R Corolla

Australian delivered AE112R Corolla.

Manufactured from August 1998 to August 2001 with a facelift in late 1999 the AE112R changes from the 4A-FE engine used in previous model Corollas to the 7A-FE. The 7A-FE increased engine displacement to 1.8 litres from the 1.6 of the 4A-FE which increase power output slightly over the 4A-FE engine. Model names differed to other regions consisting of Ascent, Conquest, and Ultima, the top tier Ultima model included features such as alloy wheels, velour interior, power windows, and fog lights as standard.


Entry level Corolla for this generation, the Ascent came standard with 14" steel wheels and drum brakes on the rear, air conditioning, and 4 speaker stereo. Optional equipment for this model include ABS, passenger airbag, rear spoiler, and metallic paint.


The conquest included the same standard features as the Ascent but also included central locking, and front power windows as standard. Additional options were added alongside those available with the Ascent model, these included split fold seats and a sunroof.


Unlike the previous two models the Levin was not available as a sedan, the Levin is the sportier model in the lineup. While sharing a similar nameplate as the AE111 Corolla Levin it does not include the famous 4A-GE engine and the majority of improvements reside in the cabin of the car. As standard this model included 14" alloy wheels, ABS, ventilated front disc brakes, rear disc brakes, fog lights, a leather gear knob, front and rear spoilers, sports instrument cluster, and sports seats. Standard features from the previous models were all included however some of the optional extras were not available with this model. Optional equipment omitted from this model were the split fold seats.


Luxury focused the Ultima came standard with 14" alloy wheels, 6 disc CD stacker, rear power windows, passenger airbag, velour interior trim, and sports seats. While the Ultima was comparable to the Levin there were some exterior changes, the omission of the spoilers and a urethane gear knob with standard instruments in the interior.

Sportivo Levin

Building on the Levin as a base a limited run was produced of only 110 cars the Sportivo Levin brought to the table the first model in the AE112R line up with an improved drive train. This model was equipped with a 7A-FE that was fitted from factory with an INI turbocharger producing an improved 115kW at 5,600 rpm and 237Nm of torque at 3,600 rpm the almighty 7A-FTE was born. Standard features were 15" alloy wheels, alarm, Sportivo body kit, Stainless steel exhaust system, leather steering wheel, sports suspension, and velour trim. Each car has a badge on the centre storage bin front that indicated the cars build number, the Sportivo Levin was only available in Aztec Gold.

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AE111 Corolla Levin / Sprinter Trueno (Import)

Imported AE111 Corolla Levin.

The seventh and last generation of the Levin / Trueno, manufactured from June 1995 to August 2000 whilst similar to the AE112 has numerous changes to provide a sporty driving experience to the driver. The Levin / Trueno was available in 5 different models the FZ, XZ, BZ-G, BZ-V, and BZ-R only the BZ-G, BZ-V, and BZ-R featuring the 4A-GE 20V "Blacktop" were able to be imported. The "Blacktop" 4A-GE 20V featured improvements over the last generation in the AE101 which included an increase in compression ratio raising the compression to 11:1, replacement of the air flow sensor with a MAP sensor, and changes to the top end of the engine bringing the total power output to 121 kW at 7,800 rpm and an increase of torque to 162 Nm at 5,600 rpm. Whilst obscure and rare in Australia they have a cult following and can been seen on streets on the odd occasion, they are some of the few cars that use Toyota's Super Strut Suspension which has them renowned as some of the best handling cars ever made.


The base model FZ came standard with the 1.5L 5A-FE which produces 75 kW at 5,600 rpm and 138 Nm of torque at 4,400 rpm. Running on 13" steel wheels with drum brakes on the rear, and only a rear sway bar. Standard features included a 4 spoke urethane steering wheel, tyre pressure monitoring system, basic sports seats, and a 2 speaker sound system from the factory. Alloy wheels, a rear spoiler, sunroof, rear wiper, fog lights, central locking, and air conditioning were available as factory / dealer options.


Improving from the FZ the XZ increased engine size to 1.6L utilising the 4A-FE which produced 80 kW at 5,800 rpm and 149 Nm of torque at 4,600 rpm. Improvements over the FZ were 14" steel wheels, both front and rear sway bars, 4 speaker stereo, and air conditioning as standard along side a few other small improvements to the cabin for the driver. Factory / dealer options that were not available on the FZ but were available on the XZ were the Levin Super Live Sound System, and automatic air conditioning.


Yielding a significant improvement in performance over the previous two models thanks to the inclusion of the 4A-GE 20V this is the first model that is eligible for import into Australia. Apart from the performance increase thanks to the engine the BZ-G also featured rear disc brakes, 3 spoke leather steering wheel, fog lights, retractable mirrors, and sport seats as standard. A large rear spoiler and Recaro seats were available as factory / dealer options as well most of the previously available options on the XZ and FZ.


The top tier BZ-R model retains the same engine as the BZ-G as well as 15" inch alloy wheels, Super Strut Suspension, twin pot front brake calipers, linear steering rack, large rear spoiler, privacy glass, and 6 speaker stereo. Almost all factory / dealer options available for the BZ-R were also available for the BZ-G which means it is possible for a BZ-G to be identical to the BZ-R except for the 15" alloy wheels, 6 speaker stereo, and privacy glass.


Whilst similar to the BZ-G / BZ-R the V model variants are comparable in power train but have features removed to save weight, leaving the car in a more "race" ready state. Compared to the BZ-R the BZ-V model comes standard with 15" steel wheels, no fog lights, no privacy glass, different sun visor configuration, and a 2 speaker stereo. Other quality of life items in the cabin were not included.

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EP91R Starlet

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