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Welcome to the Australian Corolla wiki, on this site you will find information regarding Toyota Corollas from an Australian market perspective. You can search the site in the search box to the top right, otherwise select from one of the models listed below.

K Engine F Engine T Engine A Engine C Engine ZZ Engine GR Engine ZR Engine Toyota Dynamic Force Engine
KE10 Corolla KF36 Corolla TE72 T-18 AE71 Corolla CE100 Corolla ZZE122R Corolla GRE156 Blade (Import) ZRE152R Corolla MZEA12R Corolla
KE11 Corolla AE80 Corolla ZZE122R Spec 03 Corolla ZRE153R Corolla
KE15 Corolla AE82 Corolla ZZE123R Corolla ZRE172R Corolla
KE16 Corolla AE86 Sprinter ZZE123R 5Y Corolla Sportivo ZRE182R Corolla
KE17 Corolla AE90 Corolla ZZE123R Mk IX Corolla Sportivo ZWE186R Corolla Hybrid
KE18 Corolla AE92 Corolla ZWE211R Corolla Hybrid
KE20 Corolla AE93 Corolla
KE25 Corolla AE94 Corolla
KE26 Corolla AE95R Corolla
KE30 Corolla AE96 Corolla
KE36 Corolla AE101R Corolla
KE38 Corolla AE101 Corolla Levin / Sprinter Trueno (Import)
KE50 Corolla AE102R Corolla / Sprinter
KE50R Corolla AE102X Corolla
KE55 Corolla AE111 Corolla Levin / Sprinter Trueno (Import)
KE70 Corolla AE112R Corolla

Other Toyotas

While this wiki focuses on Corolla's entries for other Toyotas are welcome and can be found below.

E Engine
EP91R Starlet