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Why Does This Exist?

This little wiki was initially created focusing on AE112R and AE111 Corollas I found through my journey owning these cars that information could be tricky to find and was commonly just, "well known", buried in an old forum, or rotting away in the bottom of a Facebook group. I had spent countless hours doing my own research to find information about these cars, I thought a wiki would be the best way to present myself and others knowledge in a factual manor.

Can I contribute?

Yes! In fact I encourage you to contribute your knowledge about Corollas so that myself and others can benefit. To contribute all you need to do is simply register an account which takes about 30 seconds, then edit away.

I see Information for a Starlet!

Yes I know it is not a Corolla but I have some knowledge about them that I wished to share, while this wiki is focused on A engine Corollas it is not against the rules to add other Toyotas.